Consultations & prices

Free Initial Assessment

Natalia offers a free initial 15-minute telephone assessment.  If you are unsure whether herbal medicine and nutrition could help you, or want further information before booking an appointment, click here to contact her.

Initial Consultation - £80

The initial consultation lasts 90 minutes.  Before your appointment you will receive a questionnaire to complete covering your general health, any medications or supplements you are already taking, and your medical history.  This sets the scene for your consultation, when Natalia takes a detailed case history covering not only your current condition, but your previous medical history, diet and lifestyle.  Having done this, she explains her diagnosis and discusses treatment options with you.  She can then prescribe and dispense herbal medicines for you to take away with you, offer initial dietary advice and recommend any nutritional supplements that you need.  Click here to contact her to book your appointment.


Herbal and nutritional consultation

Follow-up Consultations - £40

Second and subsequent consultations last 45 minutes.  They offer time to discuss your progress, make any changes necessary to your treatment and dispense further herbal medicines.  Natalia normally arranges to see patients for a second consultation after a fortnight, and after that at 3-4 weekly intervals as needed.  The length of treatment, and the number of appointments needed varies according to the needs of each individual case.

Dispensing herbal medicine

Herbal medicines - £9 per 100ml

Natalia dispenses herbal medicines for you to take with you after each consultation.  For guidance, 100ml is an average week's course, although some people need larger or smaller doses, or may need more than one medicine, and so costs can vary.  Natalia will always advise you of the cost of the medicine she recommends for you.

Most of the medicines that Natalia dispenses are herbal tinctures, which contain alcohol.  If you need to abstain completely from alcohol, for religious or health reasons, she can supply alternatives, although this may take a little longer and costs will vary according to the products used.

Once your condition has stabilised, you may be able to order repeat herbal medicines without needing a consultation each time.


Nutritional Supplements - 10% discount on rrp

Natalia does not supply nutritional supplements directly, but works with a 'supplement supermarket' where you will be given a 10% discount on the recommended retail price, and she receives a commission on their sale.  You can order either online or by phone.